In these Terms and Conditions of Payments, Shipping an Delivery, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions have the following meanings:


“Business Day”

means, any day other than a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday;

“Calendar Day”

means any day of the year;


means the contract for the purchase and sale of Goods;


means the goods which are to be supplied by Us to you as specified in your Order (and confirmed in Our Order Confirmation);


means a calendar month;


means the price payable for the Goods;

“Special Price”

means a special offer price payable for Goods which We may offer from time to time;


means your order for the Goods;

“Order Confirmation”

means Our acceptance and confirmation of your Order;


means Vox pharmaceutica GmbH, trading as, registered in Germany, operating in United Kingdom under VAT number: GB396539735, whose registered address is Schönhauser Allee 163, 10435 Berlin.


2.1            The Price of the Goods will be that shown in Our Website in force at the time of your Order.  If the Price shown in your Order differs from Our current Price We will inform you upon receipt of your Order.

2.2            Our Prices may change at any time but these changes will not affect any Orders that We have already accepted.

2.3            We have made every reasonable effort to ensure that Our Prices, as shown in Our current Website are correct.  Prices will be checked when We process your Order.  If the actual Price of the Goods is lower than that stated in your Order, you will be charged the lower Price.  If the actual Price of the Goods is higher than that stated in your Order, We will ask you how you wish to proceed.

2.4            All Prices include VAT. If the rate of VAT changes between the date of your Order and the date of your payment, We will adjust the rate of VAT that you must pay.  Changes in VAT will not affect any Prices where We have already received payment in full from you.

2.5            Our Prices exclude the cost of delivery.  Delivery costs will be added on to the final sum due.

2.6            All payments for Goods must be made in advance before We can despatch the Goods to you.

2.7            We accept the following methods of payment:

2.7.1    Payment via credit card (Mollie);


3.               DELIVERY


3.1            Please note that delivery is currently only possible within the United Kingdom. We dispatch goods using reputable courier services such as DPD ensuring the secure and timely transportation of your orders. Occasionally, we may use other couriers to meet specific size and seasonal demand requirements, while always prioritizing the quality and reliability of our shipping partners.

3.2            Unless otherwise specified in the quote, domestic delivery of Goods shall be made within 2 - 5 Business Days from conclusion of Contract (if advance payment agreed from the date of the payment instruction). Please note that deliveries are not made on Sundays and other holidays. If you have ordered Goods with different delivery dates, we send the Goods together in one delivery if no other agreement has been made. The delivery date for the complete order will be the same as that of the Good with the longest delivery time.

3.3            Delivery will be deemed to have taken place when the Goods have been delivered to the delivery address indicated in your Order and you (or someone identified by you) have taken physical possession of the Goods. 

3.4            If for any reason We are unable to deliver the Goods at your chosen delivery address, We will leave a note informing you that the Goods have been returned to Our premises, requesting that you contact Us to arrange re-delivery.

3.5            The responsibility (sometimes referred to as the “risk”) for the Goods remains with Us until delivery is complete at which point it will pass to you. 

3.6            You own the Goods once We have received payment in full for them.

3.7            Please note carefully the following:

3.7.1    If We refuse to deliver the Goods, you may treat the Contract as being at an end and We will reimburse you without undue delay.

3.7.2    If you have told Us that delivery within the agreed time period or at the agreed time was essential and We fail to deliver, you may treat the Contract as being at an end and We will reimburse you without undue delay.

3.8            Shipping costs (inclusive of legally applicable VAT)

3.8.1    We charge shipping costs on the basis of the order value (gross product value): Goods value up to £39.99 = £3.99 From an order value of £40,00 onwards, we deliver shipments free of cost.



After dispatch from our warehouse, your tracking number will be uploaded to your order. Alternative delivery instructions and safe place options, depending on the courier delivering your order, will be available upon tracking your parcel. Any changes to the shipment after it has left our warehouse are made at your own individual risk. We encourage you to manage your delivery preferences as necessary to ensure a smooth delivery process.


We are dedicated to providing a transparent and reliable tracking and notification system designed to keep you well-informed about the status of your order at every stage of the shipping and delivery process. Once your order is ready to leave our warehouse, you will receive a dispatch confirmation email. This email informs you that your order is on its way and provides a tracking number or reference that you can use to monitor its progress. With the provided tracking number, you can access real-time tracking information through our website or the courier's tracking portal. This feature allows you to see the exact location of your parcel as it moves through the shipping network. You will also receive an estimated delivery time, so you can anticipate when your order will arrive. Please note that delivery times are based on our standard delivery service and may vary if you've chosen expedited or specialty delivery options.


To provide our customers with peace of mind and to maintain the integrity of the delivery process, we employ a stringent delivery confirmation system. For many of our deliveries, a signature requirement is in place. This means that the recipient must provide a signature to confirm the receipt of the order. The signature serves as concrete evidence that the delivery has been successfully completed. In some cases, photographic evidence may be utilised to confirm delivery. This method involves the courier taking a photograph of the delivered package at the delivery location. This provides visual confirmation that the delivery has been executed as expected.


When your order is delivered, we recommend that you conduct a prompt inspection of the package. This inspection should include a thorough examination of the external packaging and the contents of the delivery. Ensure that the items you ordered are present and in good condition. This step is essential to confirm that your order has been delivered accurately and without any damage. In the event of damaged or missing items, please contact our customer service team without delay as per our Returns and Refunds Policy. Our team will assist you in resolving the issue and taking appropriate steps to rectify the situation.


There may be instances when unforeseen events or "force majeure" circumstances disrupt our ability to maintain regular shipping and delivery schedules. We want to assure you that in such situations, we will address the impact on shipping and delivery times with a clear and transparent approach. "Force majeure" refers to unforeseen events that are beyond our control and could not have been reasonably foreseen or prevented. These events may include natural disasters, acts of war, political instability, extreme weather conditions, labour strikes, or other events that disrupt the normal flow of goods and services. In the event of "force majeure" circumstances, we are committed to maintaining transparent communication with our customers. We will promptly notify affected customers of any delays or disruptions to their delivery schedules. Depending on the nature of the "force majeure" event, we will work to make alternative arrangements to fulfil your order to the best of our abilities. This may include adjusting delivery times or using alternative delivery methods when necessary.


Our website's Terms and Conditions Agreement serves as the overarching framework that governs your interactions and transactions with us. It encompasses various policies, including our Payments, Shipping and Delivery Policy, to ensure a unified understanding of the expectations and responsibilities of both parties - our customers and us.